How to Get Subscribers to Open Your Emails as Soon as They Arrive

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How do you get your readers to rush to open your emails the moment they arrive in their inbox? Here’s one way to do it. It’s kind of tricky but if you condition your readers properly, it can work really well.

Open Your EmailsGetting people to open your emails is one of the great problems for people marketing anything online. First, you already know that customers who actually spend money are worth far more than those seeking freebies. The key is to make an offer to your freebie seekers that even they can not refuse.

Here’s How It Works

Every few days or every few emails (depending on how often you contact your list), you have one of your links go to a wonderful $1 or $5 deal, but only for a limited time or for a limited number of buyers.

This might be a product that normally sells for a great deal more or even something you no longer actively sell. Just as long as it still has real value, you can use the technique.

Your link can be obvious or disguised. For example, you might send an email promoting a certain product, but before they get there, a link connects to your special offer until it’s sold out (this can be programmed through your email autoresponder software). Then it directs back to the first offer. And on your special offer page, be sure to make this link obvious that connects to the offer mentioned in the email.

The following day, you can congratulate those who got the special deal, and remind the other readers that they can also grab these deals if they pay attention – and if they are fast.

The key is to condition your readers ahead of time to always be looking for these deals. And to do that they must open your emails consistently and click your links to see what that super bargain may be.

There is a possible downside here, however.

While you are conditioning your readers to open your emails and click your links so that they do not miss any great deals, you’re also training them to look for special deals. Essentially you are spoiling them. So while your opens and clicks should rise dramatically, the money you make per open and per click could drop off as well. You’ll want to test this to determine optimal revenue levels.

Odds are you will still make more profit.

More people will open your emails, reading them and clicking your links. But you also can clear out excess inventory – or excess available time if you are a service provider. Also, this gives you a chance to finally do business with customers who may not have placed an order with you before. This means more sales of the products and services you offer, not just the special deals.

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