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This is our second time hiring Penrose. The first time they updated our website and then designed another one for us. Jim is a great guy to work with - always helpful and patient with our changes.The website looks great! Our thanks to Penrose for the fantastic job DONE.
James B
James Brown, Butler & Brown Manufacturing
I hired Jim as my website designer. He not only designed and created the website but helped me with domain registration as well. He was cooperative, professional and knowledgeable of the website design process. This includes video production. The process took several months to complete, and Jim always made himself available for questions during that time.Since the completion of the website, which included a video and several pages, Jim has supported me to answer questions about other issues concerning the website like e-mail addresses, etc. On each occasion, he has been pleasant and easy to work with!I highly recommend Jim Penrose as a website designer, creator and a man with integrity.
Laura Lee Life Coach
Laura Lee, Life Coach
I especially appreciated your flexibility and the personal concern you displayed throughout the project. It is a pleasure working with people who know their business as you do, and I look forward to more projects together in the future.
Paula Carswell, DHL
It’s no wonder Penrose is still going strong after 30 years in the Bay Area. Their commitment to great work done right, with no excuses has earned them a well-deserved reputation of excellence.
Kirk Storms, SmartForce
Penrose created awesome marketing ... for my business. We had an increase in calls. Hence, I highly recommend their services...
Christine Thai DMD
Christine Thai, DMD
The experience with Penrose has been great. They do what they say they're going to do, and they really pay attention to detail. I would highly recommend Penrose.
Steve Delamore
Steve Delamore, Abbey Carpets & Floors
I had my company website re-designed by Penrose Marketing and I’m really happy with the job they did. My old site was ancient looking and really didn’t live up to the image I wanted for our firm. The new design that Penrose did is really sharp and I’m proud to be able to send potential clients there now to find out more about my company and its services. Jim was a trooper throughout as he went WAY above and beyond his duty in working with my terrible website hosting company to make it all happen. Thanks to him for taking the lead and getting through to my host’s “support” team to make this a reality. I was also having trouble with the email system that our host provided and he successfully navigated that to get it back on track. Thanks again! I’d heartily recommend Penrose Marketing!
Marlo Needham, Incite Search
Jim Penrose and his company has added hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business to our organization. Thanks again to Penrose for helping our company with his work in tough times.
Richard Franko
Richard Franko, Life Choices Treatment Center