What is the First Objective for Sending Marketing Emails to Your List?

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Our company recently asked a gathering of business owners who utilize email marketing the following query: “At the time you transmit marketing emails to your list, exactly what is your chief aim?”

transmit marketing emailsJust some of the responses we got were:

  • In order to get viewers to open it
  • To get people to READ it
  • To provide some beneficial tips
  • To build relationship
  • To promote a product

These are all good answers …

But they’re also all WRONG responses.

Of course, you want these people to open up the email message, read the email message, develop some connection, perhaps present some handy information, but none of those are your number one objective.

So What Is?

To obtain the CLICK.

That’s it, folks.

With marketing emails, everything different is just in support of that major end goal, getting them to click the link you transmit to them. This delivers them to your sales funnel and helps bring in more business. Not each and every subscriber will require what you are actually writing about, but to increase their ability to self-select as they travel into your funnel, you must initially secure the CLICK.

Ideally, you want to educate your list to click on your links much like (please pardon the term) mind-numbed robots.

You want them to click promptly – without thinking – because it is what they consistently do whenever they open your webmails.

You do not need to sell the service or product. The sales page or video you send them to must do that for you.

You don’t want to explain to them everything about the blog post you’re delivering them to. The post will do that for you.

Your purpose is just simply to get the click.

How can you get people to automatically click when you send them a marketing email?

People will like you and TRUST you if you give them great info that helps them. Clicking the link is just a natural extension of that.

You might give them a really useful tip on what drives super targeted traffic, but to learn how to do it, they must click the link. You haven’t actually sold that product or service in the email, but you have sold them on the method. The product or service is simply an easy shortcut to using that method to get the result.

It goes without saying that you always want to use best practices in other aspects of your marketing emails. You can read more about that here.

Of course, your list and your industry might necessitate slightly different solutions. Bottom line, your primary, number one goal of email marketing is ALWAYS to get the click. Because the more trained your list is to click, the more cash you will make in the long run.

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Jim Penrose founded Penrose Marketing in 1981. The company is located in Silicon Valley and has served companies of all sizes and all over the world with their digital marketing services. Jim has an MBA from the Hass School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

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